Terence Murphy
                        Derry Riddle
                        William White

Treasurer;       Amy Cunningham
Clerk:              Colleen Kenny
Moderator:     Michael Capsalis

Bridgewater-Hebron Village District

The Bridgewater-Hebron Village District was organized and created as a result of  towns in the Newfound Area School District posturing to compel Bridgewater and Hebron to contribute additional financial support relative to the school district annual budget in addition to parent request's for a school in the northern part of the District. (Circa 1998) While the current funding at that time was on a cost basis, they (the other towns) wanted to alter the funding system to a property valuation approach. If that had come to pass, the impact would have been dramatic to Bridgewater and Hebron. In addition, at that time, the commute for our children to school via bus was 1.5 hours which was becoming unacceptable. Additionally, the School District was experiencing inadequate elementary space. We proposed a special purpose village district be established which would construct and own a school building and lease it back to the School District for a dollar a year on a ten year renewable basis. We agreed to maintain the facility on a landlord/tenant basis. In turn, the School District provides staff, curriculum etc. There are specific provisions in the lease which clarify the responsibilities of each party and shield us from the vagueness of district politics.‚Äč

The Village District continues to be a very successful model and provides a first rate facility for our children’s education and children from neighboring towns. It supports myriad programs such as the TTCC and is held as an example in the State how collaboration between Towns and School District’s can achieve great things. We should be all proud of this accomplishment.

The Village District is in excellent financial condition and over the last ten years has slowly developed a maintenance reserve to allow for emergency repairs.

The facility continues to be an excellent resource not only for our towns, but for the entire Newfound School District. We thank you for your continued support.

Special Statement on Security: 5/10/2013

Over the past few years, physical security has been greatly enhanced at the school. Coupled with lock-down drills, fire drills, staff safety training and protocols, children safety has always been a priority. After the Newtown, CT tragedy, the Selectboard and the BHVD Commissioners were in touch with the Police Chiefs of both towns (Bridgewater & Hebron) to discuss enhanced patrols and safety reviews at the school to be enacted.  This is being done with great discretion in order not to unduly alarm the children. The State Emergency Center is in communication with all schools and school districts with suggestions and standards to heighten awareness about safety and necessary reviews in policies and procedures.

At the annual Village District Meeting, $30,000 (from maintenance reserves) was approved to install security cameras and other security improvements. In addition, existing procedures for drills and other protocols were improved by the school district.

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