Proposed Wind Farm Project (Latest Update 5/13 - SoundOffMAY)

While we support the concept of sustainable energy, the Board of Selectmen opposes additional construction of wind turbines in the Newfound Area. The new Groton wind farm is sufficient and further clustering on the ridge adjacent to Cardigan Mountain is unwise and unnecessary.  Tourism is the major economic engine of this area and the proposed project endangers that financial foundation. In addition the State of NH is a net exporter of electricity and the power from all those towers will not benefit the citizens of this state. For example, one small biomass plant (wood to energy) produces more electricity than the new (23 towers) Groton wind farm! Biomass plants create jobs far greater than wind farms. Alexandria and Bridgewater have biomass plants and with the Groton facility, we have enough sustainable energy projects in this area. The proposed wind farm has the potential for more harm than good. For more information see: newfoundlakewindwatch

The Board opposes this project. The March 2013 Town meeting unanimously passed 3 warrant articles in opposition to the proposed wind projects. The Selectmen continue to meet and/or attend meetings in Concord to explain why this location is unwise to further develop wind projects.

Updated 1/15/15

Northern Pass:

Northern Pass is a proposed 180-mile transmission line which would bring electricity from Hydro-Quebec, a provincial government-owned utility which generates most of its power from hydroelectric dams, from the NH-Quebec border to a substation in Deerfield, where it would connect to the existing power grid. For similar reasons as stated above,

The Board opposes Northern Pass.

Towns are preempted in having a direct say in these matters. The location and routes are governed by the state and federal government. See the following links for more information on these projects. (Preemption explained)


"I can't see the site. How does this impact me?"

There is a substantial surplus of electricity in NH. If the potential net effect of the surplus is to put the existing bio-mass plant out of business, you will see an increase in taxes. The energy from these sites is being sold to NSTAR a Connecticut based utility that owns Northeast Utilities and Public Service of NH.  NH is becoming the "electric extension cord" for other New England States.
*(The same can be said for Northern Pass.)
A statement from the assessor regarding assessments and windmills. Click here:
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