Police Department*                  

Dial 911

PD Office Hours: Every 4th Thursday of the Month from 6-8 pm. (Unless on an emergency call)

Police Chief: George Hill

311 Mayhew Tpke. Rt 3a
Bridgewater, NH 03222
603-744-6745 (business line)

603-536-1626 (Dispatch)
603-744-7745 (fax)

The Bridgewater Police Department is a division of the Bridgewater Department of Public Safety.  As such, we work with both the Fire and EMS divisions to provide emergency services within Bridgewater.  In keeping with our public safety concept, we are cross trained to assist with both fire and EMS related emergencies

The Department provides approximately 40 hours a week of police patrol coverage.  Additional coverage is provided by the New Hampshire State Police.  Police dispatch services are provided by the Plymouth Police Department

As it has been for many years, most crimes occurring in Bridgewater continue to be property crimes, mostly related to seasonal or part-time homes.  I would encourage you all to be “nosy neighbors” and look after each others property.  Please report any suspicious activity to our dispatch center at 603.536.1626.

In addition, there are a number of inexpensive wireless home security systems that can be easily installed to aid in securing you and your property. Type in "DIY wireless home security systems" or "DIY wireless home security system reviews" in any internet browser for a listing. If you plan on installing or already have a security system, please contact the PD and let us know. 

In driving around the community, very few secure the trailer hitch or chain the trailer to a stationary object. (Search on “trailer hitch security" in your browser)

 It is a pleasure serving the residents of Bridgewater. I look forward to continue serving your community. Please feel free to stop by my office with any questions, concerns or just to say “hi”.

Thank you for supporting your police department.

George Hill, Police Chief


The Bridgewater Police Department is responsible for the issuance of resident pistol permits.  There is a link below to the NH Department of Safety to obtain an application.  Please fill out the application and mail it to us (address above) or drop it off.  Non-residents must apply through the NH State Police

State of NH Documents and Forms

Resident Pistol Permit

Non-Resident Pistol Permit

Reciprocity Agreements - Pistol Permits

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